Volunteering in Jena: Ambassadors for Europe 2023/24 2023


Date start: 01 Sep 2023

Date end: 31 Aug 2024

Eurowerkstatt is working as a sending and hosting, but mainly coordinating organisation in the European ESC-Program. We coordinate the application process, the prearrangement and the mentoring of the 10-13 volunteers coming to Jena each year. We work together with 11 hosting projects in Jena, which are mainly active in the field of child and youth welfare or international youth work. The volunteers are involved in the daily work in kindergartens, youth centers or a sports club and get the chance to plan and organise their own projects. This gives you the opportunity to bring your culture closer not only to local children and young people but also to your new colleagues. Our goal is the creation of offers for young people, to develop social and vocational abilities, particularly intercultural abilities. We want to sensitize young people to the possibilities and chances they have as European citizens.