Volunteering in Zaragoza: BUILDING ON DIVERSITY 2023


Activity topics:

  • Disabilities - special needs
  • Inclusion - equity
  • Promote voluntary activity in Sport

Date start: 01 Oct 2023

Date end: 30 Sep 2024

The project is developed at Atades, organisation which works with adults with intellectual disabilities. Activities are developed at its Leisure and Entertainment Club Los Tigres and one of its residences. This project also counts with specific activities related to sport. The goals of this project are: - To improve the quality of life of the target group (people with intellectual disabilities). - To motivate and help people with intellectual disabilities to practise different sports. - To ensure that ESC volunteers live an enriching experience. Two ESC volunteers will participate in activities of the Club: - Workshops: cookery, body language, arts and crafts, etc. - Activities on Saturdays: theatre, dance, etc. - Trips outside the Club: one-day trips and 3 or 4 days camping. The other ESC volunteer will participate in the following activities of the residence: - Sport and exercise-related activities. - Leisure and free time activities.