Volunteering in Across the country: Compagnons Bâtisseurs France 2023


Date start: 01 Sep 2023

Date end: 31 Aug 2024

Compagnons Bâtisseurs is a French NGO founded in 1957 in order to help people from the working class build their own homes. Since then, we have been working with people with low-income to help them improve their own living conditions through renovation work and workshops. Volunteers participate daily in the renovation work, under the supervision of a technical instructor. They also play an active role in organizing and implementing workshops related to housing for the community. Volunteers are also encouraged to take initiatives in local projects. !! Please apply via https://www.icja.de/content/freiwilligendienste/programme/esk-dein-europaeischer-freiwilligendienst !!