Volunteering in Strasbourg: Institution St Joseph / Association Adèle de Glaubitz 2023


Date start: 01 Sep 2023

Date end: 31 Aug 2024

Supported by ICE-RF, the Institution St Joseph of Strasbourg wants to host a volunteer in his structure. This experience will give the opportunity to the volunteer to get engaged in a project, to contribute to his/her French level, give him/her autonomy and independence, a maturity in her/his personal and professional life. The "Institution St Joseph" is accredited "Maison d'Enfants à Caractère Social (MECS) " to host 60 children and teenagers from 3 to 18 years old in social and familial difficulties. It is a temporary host place, where each young can grow and open up afar from difficulties which have motivated his placement. The volunteer's activities are based on the children's following and the realization of activities.