Volunteering in Toulon: Maison St Louis - Aide aux personnes en difficultés sociales 2023


Date start: 01 Sep 2023

Date end: 31 Aug 2024

Supported by ICE-RF, the Maison St Louis of Toulon wants to host a volunteer in its structure. This experience will give the opportunity to the volunteer to get engaged in a project, to contribute to his/her French level, give him/her autonomy and independence, a maturity in her/his personal and professional life. Logivar-Maison Saint Louis hosts homeless people searching for an apartment and/or a job. It is located in a nice district. It has a big garden used for the workshops, barbecues, parties. This people receive a room, meals, and any help they need ; they stay a few days, a few weeks, even a few months or more… Logivar has three main activities : - a social help where people are accompanied to find a house and a job with professionals, - an house where people live during their search (16 beds+2 urgent need beds) and get socially reinserted, - Workshops : second hand stuff, photo workshop, newspaper, computer initiation, internet and communication…