Volunteering in Thessaloniki: InClude Me via Signs 2023


Date start: 01 Oct 2022

Date end: 31 Dec 2023

The cooperative "Epomeni Stasi" is a social local business coffee bar where youngsters with disabilities have the opportunity to enter into the labor market in a safe and not such competitive environment. We create a colorful and warm cafe bar in the city center where youngsters, citizens, and tourists have the opportunity to order via "signs" and have an experience of learning and using the greek sign language. We support local market products and a healthy lifestyle via responsible consumption. We promote solidarity, inclusion, and multiculturalism. Many cultural events happening in our cafe bar that are accessible for mixed groups of youngsters such as deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing too. Many artists from different backgrounds present their work in our place and new initiatives are welcome up to the topics of solidarity and inclusion. The name of the bar is "Epomeni Stasi" in greek and the meaning is "Next Stop or Next Step" as metaphoric for youngsters with disabilities.