Volunteering in Vrontados: School Support, New Technologies & Sports in Chios Island from 10-2023 2023


Date start: 01 Oct 2023

Date end: 31 Mar 2026

The main task of the volunteers will be to help Public Schools of the Island as "assistant teachers". They will take part in the educational procedure, also realize non-profit new technologies, educational, sports, environmental and cultural activities, presentations and seminars to children, youngsters, educators and parents. They will be responsible for the technical part & in general the managing of the on-line radio station, which aims the promotion of education; environment, culture & sports & they publish their activities at the H/O’s web sites During the summer period, they will take part at the realization of the Community Development Summer Activities which include various activities such as the creation of mural paintings & educational games in school yards, also cleaning & recycling, team games & dances etc.