Volunteering in Redon: Promoting environmentally Friendly Practices ! 2023


Date start: 01 Mar 2024

Date end: 30 Apr 2025

La Redonnerie is an NGO in Redon working for reducing and valuing waste : collects waste (household, books, clothes...) that can be valued, selects and value the collected waste : controlling, sorting, cleaning, repairing, transforming..., sales/distributes the final valued products, organises workshops around raising awareness on waste reduction, reuse, repair, recycling, circular economy and sustainable development. The volunteer will : – Support the organisation of activities in La Redonnerie in communication and will be encouraged to propose his.her own activities in connection with reuse, zero waste or repair. – Lead visits of la Redonnerie to different groups (in French or English...) – Help rising awareness about reuse and recycling – Support the animation team on events – Help organise and encourage workshops with the volunteers and the employees. – Support the employees in the shop – Together with the volunteers hosted in Redon, participate on a collective project