Volunteering in tunis: " light of the Streets " 2023


Date start: 01 May 2022

Date end: 31 Dec 2023

Our mission is to provide a good economic and cultural framework for young artists who live in two disadvantaged regions of Tunis to train and properly supervise these young people to produce works of visual and digital arts. Our project helps strengthen the capacity of young artists, to acquire a good artistic knowledge and more develop their creativity and in the long term, the birth of great artists from these regions, And train them and raise awareness about their social and economic rights that can have a success and a future directly participates in changing the local realities of young people in these 6 different cities in Tunisia. - Our objectif to make 24 films (short and documentary films) in 6 month with 2 month of preparation. - project of the films in 6 different places in Tunisia. - 16 cinema work shop for 200 tunisian youth people beetween 18-25 years.