Volunteering in WINTERSWIJK KOTTEN: Volunteering at a small scale permaculture farm in the Netherlands 2023


Date start: 01 Mar 2024

Date end: 31 Dec 2024

Aim of the organization: One of the main goals of Aarde-Werk de Stegge is to create an optimum production surplus , while maintaining a feasible balance between producing and consuming in closed cycles. This in order to inspire all people who stay on the farm for a shorter or longer period, to live and work in a fulfilling way. To volunteers this means that they are invited to develop a lifestyle with sustainable techniques, with almost no harm to nature. Aim of the ESC participation: - To provide a lasting learning experience to young people from other European countries , in the process of adapting to a sustainable way of living for themselves - Offering an opportunity to contribute to a sustainable designed farmlife on a daily basis - Offering a learning-by-doing opportunity by a 2-8 months living and working together on the farm.