Volunteering in Gulbene: Voluntary work in Gulbene municipality kindergartens 2023


Date start: 15 Sep 2023

Date end: 14 Sep 2024

Gulbene municipality kindergartens (in Tirza, Ranka, Lizums and Staki villages) offers volunteer work opportunities in bright, well-equipped rooms and a large outdoor area with a sports field, a ponds and recreation areas, as well as a team that is open to cooperation. The volunteers project's priorities are green skills, local community development, and inclusion. According to these priorities, the volunteer will carry out tasks both in the preschool and in the local community. Expected tasks: Working together with experienced preschool teachers, organising activities both indoors and outdoors, promoting green skills and environmentally friendly lifestyle for students with different needs. Organising activities in the local community in cooperation with institutions, gaining an understanding of the Latvian mentality and Latvian culture, as well as promoting intercultural understanding in the local community.