Volunteering in Dragasani: Run for Sport-Live for Solidarity! 2023


Date start: 01 Oct 2023

Date end: 30 Sep 2024

The standard tasks that young people will perform during their internships will be: - Study and research activities of local communities such as "Treasure Hunt". Within these activities, volunteers will become familiar with local communities, find out the problems of young people and identify solutions to these problems. - Organizing intercultural evenings, where volunteers with young people from the community will cook traditional food and make presentations of countries of origin, will teach young people to dance traditional dances. Intercultural evenings will be itinerant and will take place in each community. Will be open dance clubs in the 7 communities, where young people will learn to dance different dances from volunteers - Participation in Romanian language courses and training courses . Implementation of sports activities and outdoor movement for young people and students through workshops organized in three thematic activities: