Volunteering in Vrontados: School Support, New Technologies and Sports in a Greek Island 4 2024


Activity topics:

  • ICT - new technologies - digital competences
  • Intercultural/intergenerational education and (lifelong)learning
  • Pedagogy and didactics

Date start: 01 Apr 2024

Date end: 31 Jul 2025

Our volunteers offer their services to Nursery Schools, Kindergartens, Primary & Special Education Schools by taking part "assistant teachers", in the educational procedure, assist in offering help to the Elderly & people in poverty institutions of the Island & realize non-profit new technologies, educational, sports, environmental & cultural programs, activities, presentations & seminars to educators, parents, youngsters & children. They are responsible for the technical part & in general the managing of the on-line radio station www.chiosradio.gr, which aims the promotion of education, environment, culture & sports & they publish their activities at the web site http://www.4youth.eu/. During the summer period, they realize the Community Development Summer Activities which include various activities such as the creation of mural paintings & educational games in school yards, the organization of cleaning & recycling activities, team games & dances etc.