Volunteering in Mrachenik: 2024 B.R.I.G.H.T. FUTURE - TEAM ESC in Mrachenik, BG 2024


Date start: 27 May 2024

Date end: 18 Jun 2024

3 weeks in rural area with limited comforts, lots of work, sweat, and fun around the camp fire. Stay tuned! https://tinyurl.com/2024ESC-SMOKINYA-TEAMS https://forms.gle/AwyrS2n8Pnxdfw7s5 Camp 1: 27 May 2024 - 18 June 2024 Camp 2: 2 - 24 Sept 2024 Some key words for you to get an impression: Physical work, social work with elderly, gardening, bushcraft, tents, cooking and living together, campfire, mountain biking, hiking, cleaning paths in the forest, using spades, shovels, hammers, drills, saws, and lots of fun!