Volunteer from the Educational Group in the Netherlands to Attract International Students


Netherlands education group announces a volunteer opportunity to become its international student recruiter to help it to spread the information about its courses and invite participants to join them. You can also support your community by sharing with them the information about quality programs of additional education and help them to succeed in their careers. It organizes short-term educational programs in the field of business and personal development. The Netherlands education group is an educational institution based in Utrecht. Its courses are taking place in Amsterdam, the Hague, Brussels, Vienna, and Moscow. It's programs of additional education help persons to accelerate and reach their full potential. Also for groups of 5 people or more, It offers tailor-made programs as it designs courses based on the learning needs of the group in accordance with their requests. You can see examples of their courses from here


Anyone can participate in this opportunity wherever they live and whatever they do.

Your Responsibilities:

  1. You will be responsible for spreading information about the courses and invite participants to join any of the courses.
  2. You can spread the information with any convenient means.
  3. You can also contact the organizations that might be interested in organizing the courses for them and offer them tailor-made courses. Netherlands education group can offer them on almost any topic!
  4. You are welcome to look for participants from any country and not only the country of your origin.


  • Netherlands education group offers a generous commission for every person you can find to join any of the courses.
  • After you have found 10 people, you can join for FREE any of its courses.

About Netherlands Education Group:

The Netherlands education group is the joint project of the Stichting Libertas international and Utrecht consulting group. From the beginning, the group has decided to open its programs for participants from many countries and it already had people from more than 40 countries visiting its programs in Amsterdam, Moscow and other places. The group's main activity is providing short-term courses in the field of business and personal development. But in addition to that, it offers programs that help for the development of a career in other ways. It has the course on the career opportunities where participants visit companies and learn about career opportunities in those companies; the group has a course of study in Europe where participants are told about different educational programs, scholarships and given tips on how to apply for scholarships and be accepted; the group also has the study visit to UN-Headquarters in Vienna where participants visit the organization and learn about its work and career opportunities at UN; as well as a lot of other projects in various areas. Most of the group's programs are with an open call as it publishes the event and people who are interested in are welcome to apply.

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